3 Specialty Weeks - August Camp Options 
Campers ages K-5 choose their own specialty track, each focused on a specific skill. CIT helpers will join the Kiddie Camp Options.

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Week 8:    August 6-10, 2018
Kiddie Camp: Gymnastics or Sports
Boys Division: Art or Sports
Girls Division: Cooking or Sports 

Week 9:    August 13-17  
Kiddie Camp: Art or Sports
Boys Division: Cooking or Sports
Girls Division: Gymnastics or Sports 

Week 10:  August 20-24    
Kiddie Camp: Cooking or Sports
Boys Division: Gymnastics or Sports
Girls Division: Art or Sports 


Join us for a week of Art, where campers learn the basics of drawing and crafting under the guidance of Art Teacher Randi Waxman. Learn skills like still-life-drawing, basic pastel shading, and small-model paper-mache crafting. Finish the week with a special project worthy of a artist's skill!

Join us for a week of Gymnastics, where campers gain physically, academically and socially. Gymnastics week will be provided by Turle's Kidz Sports. Gymnastics helps increase flexibility, strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance. It also helps enhance children's social skills. 

Join us for a week of Cooking with Kids in the Kitchen, where campers receive hands on instruction in the basics of kitchen cleanliness and safety, as well as meal preparation. Hone a new skill each day, and create culinary masterpieces to take home! 

Join us for a week of Sports, where campers visit the premises of Force Sports and get hands-on instruction to hone skills on and off court. Become a mini pro of basic sports, including kickball, dodge ball, soft ball, basket ball, and so much more. Campers leave with greater knowledge and valuable trust and listening skills. The Sports option is being offered all 3 weeks for all divisions.